Fast and simple labeling


  • Smudge-proof printing available for immediate use

  • Suitable for use with 8WA1 and all 8WH terminal blocks

Simple and time-saving operation

ALPHA FIX PRINT enables the quick and easy inscription of plastic signs for the marking of the terminals of the 8WA and all the 8WH ranges. With a terminal width of just 4.2 mm, it is able to print up to 10,000 plates per hour. This corresponds to approx. 80 marker cards. The simple and time-saving operation is supported by the automatic material feed.

Optimum, high-quality labeling plates

The closed printing system of the printer ensures the uniform quality of the print-out. Printed labeling plates are instantly smudge-proof and can be used immediately: This is achieved by the UV with LED technology of the printer. This means that the printer is not affected by any external environmental influences.