Onshore power supply

Intelligent solutions for ships in port with medium voltage SIHARBOR/SIPLINK systems Seaports suffer particularly from pollution, not only due to ships entering and leaving, but also during their lay days. In the European Union , this has led to a recommendation for installing a onshore power supply for ships berthed in ports. An onshore power supply provides an effective, convenient solution to the problem of emissions from berthed ships. With the SIHARBOR onshore power supply system, Siemens offers a standard, modular system concept both onshore and on board the ship. SIHARBOR complies with the EU recommendation 2006/339/EC in every respect.

SIHARBOR solution

The clean solution for supplying power to ships in ports

Cable feed systems

Cable feed systemsThe cable feed – crucial key to success

SIPLINK – Technology

Essential core element of the SIHARBOR system for frequency adaption