Datacenter, Sydney, Australia

Centre of Competence Data Centers secures maiden job in Australia

By operating in close cooperation, Siemens IC-LMV Center of Competence in The Netherlands and Siemens Australia were succesful in getting the order for delivery of the Iso-Parallel Switchgear and inster-connecting Bus Way for NEXTDC's current Sydney data center project.

The Australian Siemens branch introduced Piller and NEXTDC to the IC-LMV CoC data centers in The Netherlands to address issues that arose upon implementation of the electrical design. This contact resulted in an in-depth technical dialogue and redesign process that was concluded with Siemens being granted the order for the delivery and installation of the Iso-Parallel switchgear and interconnecting bus way.

The order deliverables include a significant number of highly customized Siemens SIVACON switchgear cubicles, about 150m of high current bus way systems and a specialized protective device system, but also technology services as grid study and protective device coordination.

The order being secured by Siemens is a clear result of close collaboration between the local Siemens branch, Siemens TIP and the CoC data centers: Where Siemens Australia brought local market and client expertise off their existing Building Technology relationship to the table, Siemens TIP designed and successfully tested the specially protective device system and the CoC focused on consultancy, engineering and optimal pricing.

After award of the contract NEXTDC and Piller revealed that selecting Siemens for the job was based on a market compliant bid, but was concluded by expert knowledge and the reaction speed displayed during the tendering process.