Leibniz Data Center

Garchin, Germany

New construction of a data center (comprising the server building, the institute building and the lecture theatre building)

  • Safe due to dimensioning the electrical network using  the SIMARIS design software

  • Use of busbar trunking systems instead of cables to reduce the fire load on the building

  • Increased operational safety of power supply and thus better availability of the connected computers

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power™ applied

  • Network calculation performed with SIMARIS design

  • Gas-insulated 8DH10 medium-voltage switchgear

  • 145 panels of the SIVACON 8PT low-voltage switchboard equipped with communication-capable 3WL circuit breakers

  • 7 GEAFOL transformers, 1600 kVA

  • 350 meters of SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking, type LDA (2000A-3700A) and 570 meters of type BDA (315A-800A) for a safe and short-circuit-proof connection of the individual system parts, lower fire load of the busbar trunking system compared to cables

  • Power management using WIN CC

Picture: Christoph Rehbach