8WA1 screw terminal

Tried and tested technology


  • Terminals closed at both endseliminate the need for end platesand increase the ruggedness of theterminals

  • Terminals are rugged – ideal for theuse of powered screwdrivers

  • Due to elastic clamping parts, theterminal screws do not need to betightened

Rely on proven technology


Whoever decides on using the proven screw connection, will make a good choice with the ALPHA FIX 8WA1 terminal blocks. They are used mainly in switchgear and controlgear assemblies and control engineering. They are insulated on both sides and closed at both ends. This makes the terminal rugged, eliminates the need for end plates and less stock items need to be stored.

The screw terminal is also available in prefabricated terminal blocks, whereby you save time and money.

Always tighten securely

With closed terminal plates end plates are no longer necessary, thus less stock items need to be stored.

The clamping parts are designed to yield elastically to tensile stress when tightening the terminal screws. This compensates for any creepage of the clamped cable. Loosening of the terminal screw is prevented by the deformation of the threaded section – even under strong mechanical and thermal load.