8WH2 terminal with spring-loaded connection

Where contact stability comes in


Comfortable wiring due to the compact design.

  • Contact stability even when exposed to vibrations

  • No need to retighten the clamping point – contact stability does not depend on the operator

  • Space-saving compact design and front connection for better visual clarity during mounting

For vibration-sensitive applications

The trend toward spring-loaded connection systems is on the rise, especially in control cabinets, plant control and traffic engineering. The 8WH2 terminal with spring-loaded connection is primarily intended for vibration-sensitive applications.

The advantages: The spring always exerts constant pressure on the conductor, independently of the operator’s influence. There is no need to check the connection.

Playing it safe

The tension spring always applies a constant pressure on the conductor independent from the user. That way, the verification of a secure connection can be omitted.

The 8WH2 spring-loaded terminal also shows its advantages during assembly:The extremely compact design ensures very user-friendly wiring even where space is at a premium. Connection is conveniently made from the front, whereby the connecting conductors are securely connected to the power bus applying the spring-loaded principle.