8WH3 insulation displacement terminal

You’ll know how to save time


  • Up to 60% time saving

  • No pretreatment of conductor

  • Space-saving and safe operation due to tactile confirmation

  • No special tools required

Where speed is key

Especially in series production or when manufacturing large batches of standardized products, the 8WH3 IDC terminal with IDC technology is preferably used.

In plant and control engineering many times wires of the same size are used. These are mainly flexible wires. The insulation displacement terminals are optimal for such applications, since cable end sleeves are not necessary using this connection method.

Time saving mounting

Time saving mounting without skinning of the conductors.

IDC is the abbreviation of Insulation Displacement Connection.

This means:The insulation of the conductor is cut open on both sides by the cutter. It is not necessary to strip the conductor. In this way, a secure contact is established between the conductor and the connecting line of the terminal – simply cut the conductor to length, plug it in and close the terminal. One turn with a screwdriver is sufficient for this.

Expressed in numbers, this means: You save up to 60% on wiring time – from the sensor to the control system.