8WH1 screw terminal

Flexibility thanks to compatible accessories


  • Uniform 8WH accessories

  • Applications with photovoltaic up to 1000 V DC supported

  • Contact stability up to 240 mm2

  • Plasticity of clamping body prevents clamped wires from slipping

Expansion of the 8WH range

The screw terminals of the 8WH1 series are an ideal supplement to the 8WH product range. They are suitable for use in the fields of plant and mechanical engineering and the building installation sector. Other applications are photovoltaic systems.

Key features of the 8WH1 screw terminals are their compact design, optimum handling and their ability to ensure permanent wire clamping due to the excellent plasticity of the clamping body, which prevents wires slipping.

Optimized with a wide range of accessories

The good electrical conductivity of the high-quality metal parts ensures low temperature rises.

The screw terminal has been expanded with a range of innovative accessories that can also be used in combination with other connection systems of the 8WH range. The double bridge slot enables individual chain bridging with standard connecting combs. The range is ideally rounded off with protection terminals with identical shapes and modular widths.