8WH6 In-Push-Out (iPo) terminal

Ultra-fast and safe mounting


  • Simple, tool-free mounting savestime

  • High contact stability

  • Ergonomic connection even offl exible wires with end sleeves

  • Uniform accessories of the 8WH range

Easy to mount

The 8WH6 In-Push-Out (iPo) terminals combine the advantages of spring and plug-in technology and can be used in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering.

This connection method is ultra quick to mount and requires up to 50% less insertion force. The terminal ensures excellent contact stability, even when subject to vibrations. They are also extremely easy to dismantle by simply inserting a pointed object in the unlocking plunger.

Safely plugged in

Simple insertion of wires is performed toolless and with low insertion force.

iPo stands for In-Push-Out.
This means:The wire is simple to insert without tools as the contact spring opens automatically on insertion of the wire. This applies to both rigid wires and flexible wires with end sleeve. The terminal is easy to open with any tool. The turquoise pushbutton clearly identifies the actuator and prevents any wrong operation.