Genuine parts, fast availability

Short lead times and high availability through global inventory, for both complete drives and genuine OEM spare parts is what we strive for. We consider operational reliability and related costs as a mutual responsibility between owner and maker and are pro-actively marketing our willing to cooperate on such levels with our customers.

Out of our database of global installed base we have subtracted and identified the most critical and common parts due for wear and tear, such as seals and bearings for the lubrication oil pumps, oil filter and oil cooler, as well as all sorts of pneumatics, valves, gauges and elastic coupling elements. These are most of the time off-the-shelf available to fulfill market demands and if not we have the network to arrange shortest possible leat times for our customers.

For all remaining parts, as OEM or its representative we are in the possession of the original manufacturer drawings and are able to source manufacturing all over the world to get the best possible delivery time on site with guaranteed OEM quality.

Please browse to the left through our product portfolio for more detailed information. Also our individual product leaflets and manuals are to be foud there. Our comprehensive brochure is available for download here and off course in case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

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