Renk Bearings

RADILUS shaft- and AXILUS thrust bearings

Renk AG (Werk Hannover) has a wide range of LRL/LRH RADILUS shaft bearings and LAR/LAK AXILUS thrust bearings. These bearings, formally branded as Lohmann + Stolterfoht, are designed for either intermediate radial shaft support, or to take over axial thrust force out of the driven machine, or both at the same time. Bruinhof Marine has several sizes of these complete bearings, as well as its shells and all sorts and sizes of shaft sealings as spare parts, available from stock in Rotterdam. For repair purposes we can offer re-metalling of the bearing shells in case of an emergency.

The bearings are supplied with white metal linings in the shell and suitable for shaft diameters between 110 and 1150 mm. Various configurations are available, such as with or without built- in cooler, shaft load monitoring equipment, forced lubrication and similar features.

Bruinhof Marine offers a special- purpose Renk thrust bearing for propeller thrust, which is equipped with a built-in, pneumatically operated gear clutch. By de-clutching the propeller, all propulsion power becomes available to drive, for instance, a generator.

We have experience with special applications such as shockproof, anti magnetic, watertight or isolated bearings for frigates or submarines and specially constructed bearings for ice breakers and cutter suction dredgers.