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Siemens Nederland N.V. Bruinhof Marine


Postal address: Visiting address:
PO Box 9607 Boterdiep 37
3007 AP Rotterdam 3077 AW Rotterdam
The Netherlands The Netherlands

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Phone : +31 (0) 88 3335900
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Bank account: Siemens Nederland N.V.
IBAN nr: NL22DEUT 0265229227
VAT nr: NL 00 178 1029 B01

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under nr. 27015771

Billing Address

Siemens Nederland N.V.
Attn. Afdeling Crediteuren
PO Box 16068

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The purpose of this company website is not to give you a very deep and technical insight into our range of products and services. Dedicated product brochures - if not digital available on the website - are readily available for those of you who want to know more details about standards and specifications. Should you like to find out more about a product, call us, write to us, fill out the contact form on this website, or come and visit with us. Please give us some notice if you plan to stop by, so we are able to prepare ourselves to meet your needs.