Preventive Maintenance

It is better to prevent

Operational reliability

                                                                                                                                                                                                            We consider operational reliability and related costs as a mutual responsibility between owner and maker and are pro-actively marketing our willing to cooperate on such levels with our customers. To achieve higher operational reliability against fewer costs, key is to invest in preventive maintenance, which practically means 'spending money, to save money'.

Maintenance philosophy

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Keeping the condition parameters of your drive levelled ensures the maintaining of a normal product 'green' condition, though requires a preventive approach with regular continious investement towards maintenance by means of frequent inspections by a specialist, preventive exchange of wear parts, condition monitoring and stocking of critical spares.

A philosophy based on postponed maintenance, which is re-active based, does safe money on short term as one waits with spending till the moment it is really necessary. Be that as it may, by not keeping the parameters levelled there is always the risk of unexpected significant product condition changes (yellow-red) to occur. These changes always have a subsequent lineary increase of delivery time and costs on parts and the propability of illegal system conditions (orange-red) due a chain of events as a result.

For example, a bi-annual investement in changing the seals on a lubrication oil pump by means of a relatively cheap off-the-shelf available repair kit keeps the condition 'green', whereas postponing such may lead to a pump breakdown and thus a gear unit breakdown, a 'red' condition, which results in forced procurement of an expensive pump with a very long lead time.

Our contribution

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Preventive maintenance has a significant influence on the Total Cost of Ownership, the Total Lifecycle Costs and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, thus ‘operational reliability and cost’. Let us share responsibilities and investigate how Bruinhof marine can help you in achieving uptime and cost reduction. Have you considered a service contract?

With our vessel database going back to the 1950’s with all world-wide supplies till today, with the field service history and all spare parts supplies ever related to one vessel included, we are able to build up a history with a fleet. Therewith we are able to pro-actively advise our customers on fleet status and related service requirements, we can create condition based spare part packages for you or advise in strategic spares. In case of multiple (sister) vessels with our equipment in your fleet, free-of-charge interchangeability surveys between vessels can be made to reduce in unnecessary inventory levels.